Beyond the Bump 

    Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond

Doula Services

Birth Doula Services- $850

Included in my doula services is a minimum of 2 prenatal meetings, more if you are earlier in your pregnancy or wish to have more, continuous labor support, and 2 postpartum visits. I am also available to you through text, phone, and email throughout your pregnancy, which is included in the fee.  I specialize in pregnancies after loss or "rainbow" pregnancies. These pregnancies tend to be different and come with a different set of thoughts, anxieties, and fears. I am specially trained in this area and it is my passion to make sure that you can achieve the pregnancy you want. 

bringing baby home

Private Childbirth Education Classes-

8-10 hours of instruction- $300

mini session 3 hours of instruction- $100

Learn evidence based care practices, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, comfort techniques, pain management techniques, birth plan options and so much more.

Prenatal/ Postnatal Personal Training

Staying active and fit during pregnancy is very important, not only does it keep you healthy it keeps your baby healthy. Exercise during pregnancy can help alleviate sleepless nights, moodiness, backaches, pubic symphasis/pelvic pain and overall pregnancy related aches and pains, it can also prepare you with the energy and stamina needed for labor.

Just like exercise is important during pregnancy, it is also important after pregnancy. It helps keep you healthy, less fatigued, betters your mood and better able to handle stress. It also helps you to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.

I can help customize a plan for you that is safe and tailored to your needs, no matter what stage of pregnancy or postpartum you are.